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Experience is the best teacher...

Quail will lay more eggs if they are exposed to more than 16 hours of light.

Ready to hatch?

Before putting your eggs into an incubator, plug it in and make sure the temp is holding at 99.5 - 102 degrees.

Mark eggs with a pencil or marker with an x on one side and an o on the other. This is for those of us who have to turn the eggs.

Make sure to turn the eggs at least 3 times a day (turn an odd number of times a day). You cannot skip weekends you will have deformed chickens or none at all.

You must keep adequate moisture in the incubator at all times. A small cup or pan will do for your water supply.


Following Tips provided by Lisa,
Once birds hatch, don't offer food or water for one day - enough time to absorb the rest of the egg yolk
With bobwhites, we've learned through trial and error that birds that are more than a few days apart will pick on each other -  we try to separate the birds every week or so.
To get them to drink for the first time - depending on how many you have! - you can use a SHALLOW jar lid with a marble or two in it - they will peck at the shiny object and inadvertently  drink, hamster bottle with the metal ball work well, too.
Thanks, Lisa for your tips.
We would like to share your tips and tricks that you have learned along the way on this page.

Just send us your suggestions and we will be happy to publish them along with giving you full credit for your ideas and experiences.

Day to Incubate eggs for most Upland Game Birds.

Ringneck Pheasant 24-25
Bobwhite Quail 23-24
Valley Quail 21-22
Golden Pheasant 22-23
Blue Scale 23
Amherst Pheasant 22-23
Silver Pheasant 26-27
Bobwhite 23
Gambel Quail 21-22
Reeves Pheasant 24-25
Chukar Partridge 23-24
Hungarian Partridge 24
Impeyan 27-28
Peafowl 27-29

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